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History of BraceNBlock™ Edge
Dr. Solis identified a deficiency in the marketplace for an edging product that would exemplify the definition of low maintenance gardening. The idea began in 1988 while the doctor was actively developing his garden landscape. While trying to build raised garden beds, he could not find a product in the market that would meet his needs so he therefore invented BraceNBlock™ Edge 12” Metal Raised Bed Edging. While providing plant elevation, this invention gave him excellent drainage, healthier plants, plant and tree root blockage, and decreased weeding time.

In addition, while he was building his water pond, the doctor realized that existing edging products would not allow for the garden plants to closely border the pond and he invented a way to solve this problem. Using the thin yet extremely sturdy BraceNBlock™ Edge to support the butyl liner at the pond edge, he was able to plant water loving plants near the pond edge for a more natural look while at the same time conserving space and eliminating the unnatural pond rock necklace.

The doctor soon realized that this product cut at different widths, had many uses including landscape edging, raised bed edging, liner pond edging, and root block edging for residential and commercial foundations, sidewalks, patios, sewage percolating and underground draining systems as well.

Dr. Solis soon realized he had an extremely useful and innovative edging product that surpassed the benefits of any other in the marketplace. By the summer of 2001. four United States patents had been issued to Dr. Solis for his invention.

After all of his progress, Dr. Solis realized that BraceNBlock™ Edge had many other uses besides landscape edging, raised bed edging, liner pond edging, and root block edging.

Another exciting application is erosion control edging, i.e., silt fences used to control the erosion of soil around construction sites and highways. Most silt fences are made today to last about a year before being replaced. They are not only inferior products in quality and durability, but many are not as easy to handle.

BraceNBlock™ Edge 24” Metal Silt Fence uses state of the art erosion and sediment control technology providing additional advantages. It is attractive, durable, sturdy, long lasting, lightweight, flexible, easy to cut, and easy to install. Its unique, patented, double sided, mesh design allows it to adhere to and grab the surrounding soil holding it securely in place and resulting in excellent soil retention. This innovative erosion and sediment control technology prevents washouts under the silt fence which is one of the major problems with traditional silt fence installation. Because the product is water permeable, there is excellent drainage through the product resulting in better soil retention. Steel or hard wood wooden posts can be tied to BraceNBlock™ Edge 24” Metal Silt Fence for vertical support.

Product Uses
  • Landscape Edging
  • Raised Bed Edging
  • Liner Pond Edging
  • Root Block Edging
    (Foundation Edging)
  • Silt Fence
    (Erosion Control Edging)
    Current Status
    BraceNBlock™ Edge has been developed under Solis International, Inc. and its performance has been verified in field test conditions since 1988. Major milestones have been accomplished in product development, proof of concept, and market acceptance. The prototypes have received tremendous market acceptance from both the end user and local retail establishments.

    Dr. Solis commissioned a major marketing study to be independently conducted by the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. This study focused on the feasibility of the BraceNBlock™ Edge product and includes a focus group comprising leading retail and lawn and garden supply store personnel, landscape architects, landscape contractors, professional gardeners, and business consultants. The study also includes a customer survey compiled on May 2, 2001 which was conducted independently by interviewing 100 customers to assess buyer behavior and to determine strategic value and price factors. This survey clearly supports the conclusion that the BraceNBlock™ Edge products will sell and take significant market share as described in the Marketing Plan that was produced from this study.

    In conjunction with the study, Dr. Solis identified and contacted companies that supply the components of the BraceNBlock™ Edge products (both galvanized metal wire mesh and the weed block fabric) and other companies that could fabricate the BraceNBlock™ Edge product using all the steps necessary to manufacture a final product. Dr. Solis has also developed product accessories (ex., Splice Connectors, 90º Right Angle Connectors, and End Connectors) that complement the use of the BraceNBlock™ Edge edging products.

    All the promotional materials including the product brochure, product flyers, product packaging labels, and product order form have been developed.

    Protected by 4 United States patents that prevent others from making, using, or selling similar products, BraceNBlock™ Edge products are commercially ready to compete with other edging products.

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