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Ornamental gardening around a residence has been around for hundreds of years. Over time, consumers have become busier with an increasing number of hours spent at work. A trend towards low maintenance gardening has spread in today's residential and commercial landscaping practices. BraceNBlock™ Edge is the brand in a series of products whose uses include landscape edging, raised bed edging, liner pond edging, foundation root block edging, and silt fence (erosion control edging). The idea sprang from a need in the marketplace for a quality, versatile product that braces soil and water; blocks plant roots, tree roots, and weeds; and is water permeable resulting in decreased weeding time and excellent drainage.

BraceNBlock™ Edge is a high quality edging product made from galvanized metal wire mesh coated with vinyl that is durable, strong, sturdy, long lasting yet flexible, both of which resist the wear and tear of nature.

When BraceNBlock™ Edge 12" Metal Raised Bed Edging is used to build elevated garden beds, the product braces the soil to maintain the elevated plants and their roots in a desired area; eliminates plant root, tree root, and weed penetration into the desired area; and allows water permeability so water can drain properly out of the garden bed. This results in healthier and more vigorous plants.

The product's unique patented, double sided, mesh design allows it to adhere to and grab the surrounding soil and allows plant roots to grab it keeping it securely in place. It will remain symmetrically vertical in the ground when property installed without support stakes and you get no frost heave.

After verifying the product's performance in field test conditions since 1988, it is clear that no other edging product works as well as BraceNBlock™ Edge products and offers as many unique benefits in the market today.
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