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Raised Bed Edging Product Advantages And Benefits
BraceNBlock™ Edge 12" Metal Raised Bed Edging
BraceNBlock™ Edge 12" Metal Raised Bed Edging Competition
Attractive, durable, long lasting, and sturdy.
Less attractive/durable.
Permeable to water, air, oxygen, nutrients, chemicals, and fertilizers in both directions.
Not permeable.
A landscape edging with a built-in drainage system. Stops flooded plant beds.
Little competition.
Available in a variety of widths.
Don't come in different widths.
Does not require anchor stakes to hold it in the ground. The unique, patented, double sided, mesh design allows it to adhere to and grab the surrounding soil and allows plant roots to grab it keeping it securely in place.
Require special anchor stakes to hold it in the ground.
Gets no frost heave due to its double sided, patented, mesh design.
Most get frost heave.
Easy to use, install, and repair.
Not as easy.
Flexible, bendable, and adaptable to most any landscape need.
Not as flexible/benable.
Light weight and easy to handle.
Easy to cut along its length and width.
Difficult to cut.
Easy to splice with or without connector pieces.
Require splicing pieces.
Installation is easier, faster, and less laborious.
Not as easy.
Raised beds provide improved drainage, reduced competition from encroaching weeds, and uncompressed soil resulting in healthier and more vigorous plants.
Don't give elevated bed support.
Blocks horizontal growth of plants roots at the bed edge (ex. liriope, monkey grass, lawn grass, weeds, etc.) while allowing excellent drainage. Leads to less weeding time.
No product does this.
Blocks tree roots from entering garden beds when placed 12" deep due to the root blocking fabric resulting in better plant growth.
No product does this.
Blocks the invasive growth of plants (ex. canna lilly) within the garden bed or pot when placed in a circle around their roots resulting in low garden maintenance.
No product does this.
It can be used vertically in pots to keep plant roots separated one from another such as herbs.
No product does this.
Keeps plant roots separated one from another when used by nurseries to grow seedlings.
No product does this.
Replaces conventional edging products with its advantages, benefits, and multiples uses.
Little competition.
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